Gold and silver – 5 ways to invest

Gold and silver – 5 ways to invest

When we think of precious metals, gold and silver are two names that come first to the mind. Seasoned investors usually put their capital in these two metals to safeguard against the volatile stock market and inflation. Even central banks and other government entities choose to invest in precious metals. The US government is the largest investor of gold stocks in the world. But finding the best place to buy silver and gold may be difficult for beginners. Let’s take a look a the different modes of investment for these two precious metals.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
There are many ETFs in the market. You can buy gold and silver from the stock market, just like any regular stock. Since the supply of mines is outweighed by hoarded supply in gold, its prices will only fall when hoarders sell and vice-versa. Beginners should start by looking into iShares Gold and Silver Trusts.

Traditional buyers usually prefer to buy gold and silver coins in their physical form. The best place to buy silver and gold bullion coins is the US mint, or you can contact any local coin supplier. The American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and South African Krugerrand contain certain proportions of gold depending on the currency value. Silver coins are increasingly rare but available in the numismatic market.

You can buy gold and silver in the form of certificates from brokers. If you don’t wish to deal with the hassle of storing precious metal, this is a good option. However, they aren’t worth anything in times of emergency since they are just pieces of paper, so getting insurance or mortgaging them is tough.

Common stocks
There are plenty of companies that deal in gold and silver. You can invest in their shares through the NASDAQ exchange. But gold and silver stocks are valued a bit differently than regular stocks, so research is needed before diving into this option. You can get in touch with fund managers and consultancy companies for a better understanding.

Another way of buying gold and silver is through the derivative market. The purchasers here make money by changes in commodity prices. Those willing to invest a large sum of money will find this option ideal. It is a risky affair but the reward is much higher than other modes of investments.