5 common gardening mistakes to avoid

5 common gardening mistakes to avoid

Gardening isn’t something you get right on the first try. It requires some trial and error to perfect. Sometimes, you might find a plant doing poorly in one spot of your yard but thriving in another. While you might need more than a couple of tries to get things right, you must first learn about the common gardening mistakes to avoid. Luckily, most of these are easy to step over.

Skipping compost
Plants need nutrients while growing, and the best way to supply them is by adding compost. By skipping compost, you’re falling prey to one of the most common gardening mistakes that should be avoided. Compost not only provides plants with nutrients but also adds moisture and improves the soil’s drainage.

Ignoring pest control
Pests are always waiting for a chance to make quick work of your garden. So, you must find a way to stop them without using poisonous chemicals. One solution is to grow disease and pest-resistant plants that attract birds and insects that eat destructive pests. You can use some non-toxic traps and sprays occasionally.

Poor watering habits
It’s impossible to ignore how many of us water our plants and gardens at the wrong time. If you want the lawn to retain moisture, water it last thing at night or first thing in the morning. Watering the yard when the sun is out at its highest will result in the evaporation of water. The water droplets will also increase the sun’s intensity by acting as a magnifying glass.

Poor weeding
Simply chopping off the heads of weeds is not enough, as the roots continue to spread under the surface. Weeds like thistles and dandelions have strong root structures, so dig deep into the soil to get the roots out completely. If that isn’t an option, use a herbicide that can make its way to the roots and kill them.

Not testing the soil
Your yard’s soil might not be consistent from one end to the other. A soil test allows you to check the nutrients the soil lacks and the ones it has in abundance. This is vital information for selecting the right products to improve soil quality. If you’re putting off doing a soil test, you’re making one of the most common gardening mistakes that must be avoided for a lush green lawn.

Additionally, using the wrong tools is another mistake that can easily be avoided. Each tool serves a specific purpose. For instance, a garden fork helps in aerating the soil, and a shovel helps in digging the soil, so they cannot be used interchangeably. Similarly, you can opt for machinery like chainsaws to prune trees and trim bushes. However, the saws may not replace hand shears and hedge trimmers that offer precise cuts. So, do not use new tools for the garden without appropriate research and guidance.