4 packaging mistakes that brands should avoid making

4 packaging mistakes that brands should avoid making

Packaging is one of the most important aspects of branding. The right packaging can assist the brand in leaving a lasting impression on its potential customers. It also ensures that the product reaches the customers without any damage. Business owners need to consider numerous factors that will make the packaging both attractive and durable. There are also some packaging mistakes that they should avoid. These are mentioned below:

1. Improper sizing
Selecting the right packaging size is one of the first steps to packaging correctly. However, it is also one of the common places most businesses go wrong. Some businesses make the package box bigger to save the fragile contents. However, they end up leaving the products more vulnerable to damage. Picking a snug fit helps reduce the possibility of damage and provides the best protection. It also gives the shoppers an idea of the right package size.

2. Poor quality
Another common mistake with packaging is using cheap materials that are not durable. Businesses usually do this to reduce production expenses. Most assume this practice helps improve profit margins. However, it is one of the practices that can lead to higher expenses in the long run. Poor quality could mean easy damage to the packaging. For example, damage in transit could also damage the product.

3. Over or under-packaging material
If customers are repeatedly presented with damaged products, they stop shopping for the brand. The damage can result from the use of extra or not enough packaging. When brands do not use enough protective packaging, they expose the products to higher potential damage. Similarly, when the product is overpackaged, the packaging granules, bubble wrap, and paper can put excessive pressure on the contents and crack the bottle.

4. Generic design
Generic designs can prevent the brand from standing out to its potential clientele. Sticking to basic designs would make the brand unappealing. Brands must get their packaging and messaging right to communicate with their customers. Lack of originality in product packaging and branding can lead potential customers away, impacting the brand’s profit margins.