4 mistakes rookie truck drivers should avoid

4 mistakes rookie truck drivers should avoid

Rookie truck drivers take a while to develop the finesse and expertise required in the profession. However, this means rookie truck drivers need to look out for common mistakes and learn how to avoid them. While they could learn from experienced drivers, certain big lapses are difficult to avoid regardless of the driver’s experience. These errors can cost the company and prove incredibly unsafe for the drivers and other vehicles on the road.

Not following the speed limit
Speed limits marked on the side of the road are not merely suggestions; following them is a legal requirement. They are essential for the driver’s safety and that of everyone else on the road. However, avoiding speeding is equally important when steering around corners. One should make a note of the speed limit, as it can change over time depending on if there is construction nearby or the road conditions.

Overlooking road signs
Road signs keep people safe and guide them on their journey. Ignoring or neglecting these signs is a common mistake rookie drivers make. It is important to understand road signs to avoid accidents or getting pulled over by the police.

Not managing stress
Driving trucks can be a challenging career when one does not manage the stress associated with the job. This is common knowledge, so truck drivers are supposed to understand the risks and the effects on health and learn how to manage stress. The long hours coupled with unpredictable circumstances, weather, and traffic, can take a toll on one’s health. To avoid the physical exertion of driving for long hours, rookie truck drivers should prioritize getting proper rest and nutrition.

Being unorganized
Record keeping is an important aspect of the job. Maintaining records of travel expenses, distances, repair, and maintenance is a part of being a truck driver. Missing or messy paperwork might lead to discrepancies in payments and other problems. So, one should get acquainted with their company’s record-keeping system and policies. Being organized can help one save time and take on more projects. Keeping important documents handy can help drivers move quickly after showing authorities the documents at checkpoints.