4 common mistakes to avoid when installing security cameras

4 common mistakes to avoid when installing security cameras

According to FBI reports, there are over 1 million burglaries every year across the country. It is essential to keep our homes and businesses safe. One way of doing so is by installing a security system around the premises. The most essential part of this system is the security camera, which helps you keep an eye on the place even when you’re not around. Avoid these common mistakes when installing security cameras:

Choosing the wrong location for the cameras
The most important factor when installing cameras is their location. For them to truly be beneficial, they need to have a clear line of sight to your areas of interest (such as doors or lockers). Having some visible cameras is also a great way to ward off intruders. Other cameras can be more discreetly placed to monitor areas without their knowledge.

That’s not all. Putting security cameras too low lets any criminal disable the surveillance system by cutting the wires or spraying black paint on it. Ensure that the cameras are placed at a higher level, so criminals cannot reach them without a ladder.

Having bad security software
Security cameras and surveillance systems are only as good as the software that backs them up. Ensure you invest in quality security camera software that can be updated regularly.

Not having a backup power source
Keeping your cameras online, especially during power outages, is important to prevent burglaries on your property. Install a backup power source when installing your cameras to avoid this risk.

Not being careful when you DIY
Often, camera installation mistakes happen when people try to put up their cameras themselves. If you would like to carry out the installation yourself, look for easy plug-and-play security options like Lorex Wireless Security Cameras that connect to your WiFi network in minutes and record all the data to an onboard MicroSD card or call a professional camera installation service to do it for you.

Installing wireless surveillance security cameras is one of the best ways to protect your property from invaders or trespassers. This technology helps users avoid the tangled mess of wires and the risk of losing data if the cables have not been weather-proofed. Avoid these four common mistakes to keep your home, business, or valuables safe and secure.