3 best no-contract cell phone plans

3 best no-contract cell phone plans

Several popular networks in the country offer 4G and 5G coverage to cell phone users of all ages. However, the myriad of options can make it challenging for you to choose the best plan. Factors like the number of minutes, texts, available data, connectivity, cost, and exclusive services are a few things you must consider. To help you get started, we have scoured the internet to find the three best no-contract mobile phone plans.

Mint Mobile
If you are looking for an unlimited data no-contract cell phone plan, Mint Mobile offers you one for $30/month. You can switch to their network and still keep your current number. The plan is also compatible with unlocked phones, so you can bring your own device to avail of the offer. But ensure to check out the official Mint Mobile website to understand network coverage and make sure your area code offers the best speeds for downloads. If you prefer limited data, worry not! Mint also features 4GB, 10GB, and 15GB plans starting at just $15/month.

Boost Mobile
If you are scouting for a network that supports your 5G device, this one is for you. Boost Mobile offers a sweet 5G-enabled no-contract cell phone plan. You can retain your existing number from any network and avail exclusive coverage across states and cities that support 5G calling and data. The brand offers unlimited texts, calls, and 1GB of internet for just $5/month. Alternate no-contract plans include 5GB of data for $20/month and unlimited 5G internet for $35/month. All three plans support unlimited minutes and texts, where you will be charged only for additional data usage over and above the fair policy.

Twigby Mobile
Seniors interested in availing of no-contract cell phone plans can benefit from Twigby Mobile deals. The service offers affordable pricing across a wide range of plans starting at just $6.50/month. The cost of unlimited text and talk time packages varies depending on the additional data provided. Offers include 3GB, 5GB, and 10GB data starting at just $10/month. Twigby also allows customizing plans for seniors who can manage with limited minutes and data. International calling and texting are available free of charge with the brand’s no-contract cell phone plans.

Note that offers are subject to policy changes, and network availability will vary depending on 4G and 5G infrastructure. Also, not all plans will support 5G, so contact the vendor to confirm these services.