10 Great Refrigerator Deals to Expect for Black Friday 2023

10 Great Refrigerator Deals to Expect for Black Friday 2023

Only a few appliances can be considered indispensable, and a refrigerator is one of them. Refrigerators need regular repairs to function optimally and keep their stored contents cool and free from bacterial growth. Shoppers usually seek discounts on retail sites for various refrigerators when Black Friday is around the corner. This year promises to be no different in that regard. Based on past and current trends, here are some expected discounts on refrigerators:

French-door refrigerator deals
With two doors on top and a freezer drawer at the bottom, French door refrigerators are often in high demand due to their wide freezer compartment providing greater storage space for foods. These refrigerators also come with adjustable shelves and compartments to make the freezer and fridge storage spaces more customizable. 

Samsung’s bespoke 30 cu. ft 3-door French Door smart refrigerator is selling for $1,699 after a $1,000 discount on Best Buy. But if one can hold off buying it till Black Friday, one may get a better deal for it. This refrigerator has incredible features like customizable body colors and built-in pitchers that automatically refill with filtered water and an option to infuse the flavor of the user’s choice.

Top freezer refrigerator deals
As its name implies, these kinds of fridges have a freezer above, with the regular refrigerator section at the bottom. These refrigerators are the most traditional ones, with easy access to frozen items. The one downside these systems have is the large door clearances, meaning that they require more open space in front of the unit.

The Frigidaire 30 in. 20.5 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator is currently available at The Home Depot for $678 after a 27% discount. Those who cannot wait for Black Friday can grab this deal now.

Side-by-side refrigerator deals
These refrigerators have a cupboard-style twin-door layout that enables users to open them from the center. These systems have more freezer capacity compared to a conventional fridge. Moreover, the vertical storage allows the fresh and frozen items to stay at eye level for users. These refrigerators are used more by store owners who place products such as beverages, ice-creams, dairy foods, and similar things for prospective buyers to see clearly before buying them.

During last year’s Black Friday sale, Best Buy offered the Samsung 27.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator, for $1,399, slashed from its original price of $1,499. Shoppers can keep an eye on this refrigerator during this year’s sale, hoping for similar or better deals.

Bottom freezer refrigerator deals
Bottom freezer refrigerators are the exact opposite of top freezer units. With its bottom-freezer-top-fridge arrangements, these systems are designed for customers who frequently use the fresh food storage area compared to the freezer. Additionally, their larger refrigerator area makes storing several old dishes and ingredients simultaneously much easier for users. 

The Whirlpool 21.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator is currently available at Best Buy for $1,399, slashed from $1,799. Interested shoppers can wait for Black Friday sales to begin, hoping for better deals. 

Undercounter refrigerator deals
Undercounter refrigerators come installed under the counter and usually consist only of a refrigerator with a door that opens from the side. These systems generally store additional foods or beverages and are not for heavy-duty daily usage. As a result, these types of fridges allow users to create specialized temperature zones or overflow cold food storage spots.

For example, the Cafe 5.7 cu. ft. Built-in Undercounter Dual-Drawer Refrigerator is currently available at The Home Depot for $2,969 after a 10% discount. But if one can hold off buying it till Black Friday, one may get a better deal for it.

Ice maker deals
An ice maker is the opposite of an undercounter refrigerator, as the former’s primary operation is to freeze water and quickly create ice cubes. Manufacturers offer their ice maker refrigerators convenience-driven features such as clear-ice technology to remove air bubbles from a given liquid and a fast-ice mechanism to boost ice production. 

Insignia’s 26 Lb. Portable Ice Maker is selling for $89 after a $36 price cut on Best Buy. Interested shoppers can keep an eye on this product during Black Friday, hoping for better deals.

Quad-door refrigerator deals
Quad-door refrigerators provide individual compartments to store specific foods. The compartmentalized nature of this kind of fridge makes it useful to keep specific food items well separated. 

During last year’s Black Friday sale, Best Buy offered the LG 27.8 Cu. Ft. 4-door French Door Smart Refrigerator with Smart Cooling System at a discounted price of $320-$700 off its original cost.

Smart refrigerator deals
Smart refrigerators are a modern and innovative option for those who want to synchronize their smart home devices with their refrigerators. These systems come with Wi-Fi connectivity and notification panels that provide owners with information about the foods being cooled, temperature, freezing requirements, and other aspects. 

At present, the Bosch 800 Series 21 Cu. Ft. 4-door French Door Counter-Depth Smart Refrigerator is available at Best Buy for $3,329 after a $370 discount. However, if one can hold off buying it until Black Friday, one may get a better deal.

Portable refrigerators
Portable refrigerators are the perfect solution for those who want to keep their drinks and food cool while traveling. Best Buy is currently offering Insignia’s 2.6 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge for $119 after a discount of $30. However, those who can wait until Black Friday may get an even better deal.

Sub-zero refrigerators
Sub-zero refrigerators are incredibly powerful variants of conventional refrigerators. These are generally used for large-scale operations and industrial work. 

The Sub-Zero 36″ Classic Over-and-under Refrigerator/Freezer with Internal Dispenser is currently available for $13,025 at Sub Zero’s official website. Interested shoppers can keep an eye on popular e-commerce websites like Amazon and Best Buy, hoping to find better deals.