10 exciting smartphone deals to expect during Cyber Monday 2022

10 exciting smartphone deals to expect during Cyber Monday 2022

Are you looking to save money this year by taking advantage of the best smartphone deals on Cyber Monday? If so, here is a helpful list of the top ten best smartphone deals from the previous year so that you can get an idea of the offers and discounts one can expect during this year’s Cyber Monday, scheduled for November 28. With these deals, you could make hefty savings and purchase other items you need.

Apple iPhone 13
All new and existing users could get $800 with a trade-in on an eligible unlimited data plan at Verizon. It would be helpful if you were switching over from another carrier. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro
Apple offered a fabulous combination of deals on this phone. You could get free Apple AirPods Pro, or on switching to Visible, you would also be able to get a $100 gift card. One could use this gift card at many retailers.

Apple iPhone 11
The best trade-in deals for the Apple iPhone 11 included a complimentary device with trade-ins. The gadget would likely be available for sale with similar captivating deals this year.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus (128 GB)
It was available at an excellent discounted price of $749.99 on Amazon. Originally priced at $999.99, it is a solid deal for a device with advanced features such as capable performance, outstanding display, and user-friendly cameras. It will be available in purple and silver color variants.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (128 GB)
You could get this at the reduced price of $949.99 on Amazon. Originally priced at $1195.99, it is one of the most capable, sturdy, and robust mobiles with a big screen. It has a versatile camera system and many other valuable features.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
The foldable phone was available at a brilliant deal the previous year. You could get it at $924.99, with the actual price being $999.99. You could also get a free Galaxy Buds 2 and a wireless charger. It was among the best combination offers that were available last year. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
It was available at the reduced price of $1099.99, with the actual cost of the device being $1429. It is amongst the most powerful devices that Samsung makes. This offer which allowed users to save a considerable amount, was popular last year. So, look out for the same this year and act fast before it runs out of stock.

Google Pixel 5a
This Google Pixel 5a phone falls under the category of cost-effective devices; therefore, there are chances of fewer discounts. However, with the offer available last year, you could save $50 and only pay $399 for this cell phone. It makes it even more affordable, especially for those on a budget.

Google Pixel 6 Pro
During the sales last year on Cyber Monday, Verizon offered the best trade-ins for the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Last year, users saved $200 by opting for an unlimited data plan. By trading in a handset, you could save $800. This deal merger would allow you to save a hefty amount on this smartphone.

Google Pixel 6
Last year on Cyber Monday, those who opted for an unlimited data plan from AT&T got the Google Pixel 6 at a significant discount. The discount was nearly 50% off last year. 

Listed above was the list of the top ten best Cyber Monday smartphone offers from the last year’s mega shopping day so that it will give you an insight into the trend for the offers for this year as well. It is advised to research, plan and be ready with your budget and buy the gadget you desire by keeping in mind its features and your preferences and requirements.